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MashupDJ is a radically social creative experience on the internet.

MashupDJ is an iteration of Mowgli’s first product Songster, the first and only music creation social game on Facebook. MashupDJ users are enabled to quickly create original music with the simplest, most accessible remix and mashup technology available. MashupDJ’s uncomplicated music creation experience will not only keep participants engaged for the long term – a major issue in today’s economy of attention span – but will encourage them to spread the word to their friends just as they would a new hit song.

The gratification of creating great music is amplified with the application’s social features. Songs are automatically shared to the song stream, a hub of discovery and curation. Then, social activity on a song is aggregated to inform Mashup DJ’s best-of charts. Players can view ranking globally, or by certain filters so that they are always able to monitor how they measure up against the most popular songs being created.

MashupDJ’s library of remixable songs is a robust collection of traditional to cutting-edge genres that empowers limitless creativity. Many “song packs” are created at Mowgli’s own music studio, but some of our most compelling content is made in partnership with real artists and major labels. Each week a new artist is featured, keeping the music store fresh and diverse. For artists emerging to established, MashupDJ is an excellent medium to interactively engage fans.

Songster is the first and only music game on Facebook.

Songster is a gamified remix and mashup application hosted on Facebook. Players follow the storyline of a fledgling DJ coming up through the music scene, gaining experience an unlocking new venues as songs are created. Players can easily share their creations to Facebook for anyone to hear, without needing the app to be installed. It’s also simple to share songs to the Facebook fan pages of the artists we feature and to our own fan page, an emergent community behavior that blossomed from the “copy/paste” element that was added to the Songster song-playing widget.

The social activity on shared songs– likes, comments, and listens– inform the in-app charts so players can see how they measure up against the community and friends, while feeling a sense of triumph in creating a charting “hit.” Ultimately, the evocative nature of these social elements became the perfect balance to the individual, fiercely creative time that players spent in the “studio” and greatly informed the experience of our next product.

MashupDJ will tone down gamified elements such as avatars and venues in favor of the social connection which enhances the excitingly real and personal nature of song creation.

Masher can be used to amplify or power campaigns.

The musical power of all Mowgli’s products lies in our proprietary MASHer Audio Engine. This engine can now be used as the foundation for a suite of brand-specific products including: interactive banner ads, Facebook widgets, and on-site properties. With the ability to significantly activate any brand’s fanbase, driving deep engagement and social sharing, the Masher Audio Engine can be used to amplify any existing campaign or power a new one.

Interactive Banner Ads. The Masher Audio Engine transforms standard digital ad space into a captivating interactive experience that invites users to create unique music with one click, drawing them into the ad and directing them toward any target destination.

Facebook Canvas Widget. The interface of our engine can easily be embedded within any brand Facebook page, putting an addictive music making experience in the hands of every fan, while allowing brands to direct traffic to this specific tab.
On-Site Custom Execution. We can design a fully customized variant of the Masher Audio Engine interface to serve as a stand-alone campaign or support existing marketing initiatives focused on driving traffic to web properties or e-commerce sites.

On its own, Songster Mobile Studio is a playground for your voice.

Songster Mobile Studio is the first mobile app from music technology and gaming company Mowgli. On its own, the studio application is a playground for your voice. Select from a variety of vocal effects and multi-genre instrumental backing tracks to sing with in real time and hear your transformation. When the right combination strikes that perfect original sound for you, easily record and save the song to your iPhone.

Dig deeper into the virtual rockstar alter ego when Songster Mobile Studio is used to augment our Songster Facebook application. Login with Facebook to access songs you or your friends have created using Songster and start sharing your voice!

Collaborate with friends to create original, professional sounding songs with unbelievable ease. When you make a song from our amazing range of genres using Songster on Facebook, you and your friends will be able to instantly access it and record your vocals.


Choose from various vocal effects to transform your voice in real time
Record with multi-genre instrumental tracks and save them to you phone
Listen to your music and your friends’ music created with Songster on Facebook
Collaborate with your friends to produce tracks and sing on them, easily creating cutting-edge music