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The Refrigerator Effect (Part 1)

Hello!  And welcome to Part 1 of a three-part blog series that introduces an emerging social/mobile trend I refer to as “The Refrigerator Effect.”  In part one, we’ll discuss the origins of this new behavior pattern and identify the obstacles and pain points this evolving trend has the potential to solve. Part 2 focuses on a new model for user engagement…

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Marshall Seese

About Marshall Seese

Marshall is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in music, technology, and law. He earned a JD from the University of Michigan, and opened his own law firm, BCLS Legal only two years after graduation. In late 2008, Marshall sold his stake in BCLS and joined North Highland as their General Counsel. In addition to his legal career, Marshall has launched a number of small businesses and is an experienced musician with a recording agreement through Backspace Records.