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MashupDJ patch notes for the week of January 5th

Patch Notes for the week of January 5thBugs Fixed- Soundpacks that do not contain certain loops filling grid with blank space.- "Load More" button not working on artist detail page.- Grey space at the bottom of the screen appearing after scrolling down. - Media player occasionally displaying the wrong information. - Performance issues involving the media player.- Behind the scene Soundpack fixes.-…

Killian McCalla Author: Killian
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Killian McCalla

About Killian McCalla

Killian is a student at Southern Polytechnic State University. He is completing his degree in Computer Game Design and Development. He has worked as a freelance tester for several studios and has tested previously with Songster in the early stages of development. He is excited to join the team. In his free time Killian enjoys playing music, rock climbing, and getting lost in the woods.